Fashion Mini Power Bank Portable Phone Charger Large-Capacity

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??Beautiful appearance, LED digital display screen, accurate power, let you arrange power management reasonably; also have three colors for you to choose.

??Introducing a very small density polymer battery to ensure that the volume is reduced by 35% again, which is smaller and safer. Safe and worry-free, you can go through security.

??Top US chips?- Super battery life,?2A fast charging, will not hurt the phone. Motherboard upgrade, stable current charging, charging speed increased by?70%.?Let Super Power Bank?save you from a dead battery.

??Super practical, with dual USB fast charging port, can charge multiple devices at the same time, suitable for charging various interfaces.

??Dual LED lighting function
LED glare flashlight, double-click the power button to turn on/off the flashlight, and the night illuminates the road for you.

A?well-designed?product is worth showing off. Our designers and project colleagues spent?over 500 hours?to optimize and test many different surface treatments. We hope you love the result!


Be careful not to use or store in an overheated or humid environment. If there is a drum, stop using it.


  • We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, 40-day back money?guarantee and 2-year warranty.
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