Portable Mini Sub-package Pill Box Organizer

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Have you ever had the same experience? It is difficult to find the medicine because there are too many medicines; The medicines are affected with damp and inconvenient to store; It is inconvenient for you to bring medicines when going out, but the portable mini sub-package medicine box can solve your problem. The portable and sealed medicine box is a warm and caring box to meet your different needs. You can take it with you during the official business and business travel.
  • Food-grade handheld medicine box -- environmental and healthy without peculiar smell, bisphenol A and damages to the body.
  • Small size with a large capacity -- it can store small and large tablets, pills and capsules.
  • Portable and convenient, suitable for self-driving travel, healthy and portable -- small and exquisite, and can be put into a handbag / pocke.
  • Multiple seals -- damp-proof and seal upgrade, and the outer box fits tightly with the internal grids.
  • Our life should be colorful, and multiple colors can meet the diversity of you and you can choose your own color.
Material: Food-grade PP. PS
Function: Collection and storage
Color: Yellow, white, pink and grass green
Six grids
Four grids
Medicine box
Internal grid
Net weight

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