Automatic Mouse Pounce Cat Toy

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Want to keep your cat energetic and excited? This Automatic Mouse Pounce Cat Toy is the natural hide-and-seek movement toy to get your cat's attention! One of the best toys to keep your cat in shape and engaged.

Super Durable - Built to last for a long time! Watch your curious cat try to capture the mouse before it hides In the cheese! 4 variable speed settings (slow, medium, fast, random) to suit every cat's play habits.?

The electric cat grabs the game disc, placed on the floor or on the table, the owner does not need to shoot, press the cat to grab mouse game switch button, the yellow mouse will move irregularly around the circle, The tunnel in the game board shuttles back and forth, and the four-speed shift mode effect stimulates the cat's natural instinct, so that your cat can enjoy the cat and mouse.

Ten minutes of unmanned operation, it will automatically shut down, better extend the life cycle of the baby, 60-degree non-directional rotation design ~ stimulate the natural instinct of the cat.

Pro-Tip:?Some cats get very upset about their owner leaving the home. This toy is a great solution... Turn it on just before stepping out of the door. Uses 3 x AA batteries (not included)

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