180¡ã Rotating Ultra Fleible Power Strip (Buy 2 Free Shipping)

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Can¡¯t?Fully Utilize your power strip?with?sockets blocked?by larger adapters?


Reclaim your outlets?with?Ultra Flexible Power Strip, an adjustable electrical power strip that holds?large adapters?in?EVERY outlet!

The?ultra-flexible shape?allows you to adjust each outlet pods so that large power bricks don't hog space. Perfect for?home,?office, or?professional?workstation?use.


  • 180¡ãAdjustable?to?fully utilize?ALL outlet pods
  • Dual USB ports?to charge multiple devices
  • Super flexible form that bends into?circular,?semi-circular?&?zig-zag?shapes
  • Fits around?furniture?& in?tight spaces
  • Fire-resistant?PC shell
  • Damage-resistant?housing for?long-term durability
  • 100% Copper Wire?for high?energy efficiency?&?safety


  • Cable Size: 160cm
  • Type:
    • 3 Sockets?with 2 USB ports
    • 4 Sockets with 2 USB ports
  • Plug Type: US?/ UK?/ EU
  • USB Output: 2.1A
  • Color: Blue and Black


  • 1pc X?Ultra Flexible Power Strip

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