Ball Toy for Dogs Toothbrushes Tough Dog Chew Toys Stick Ball Multi-Function Pet Molar Bites Toy

Dog smart ball, let the dog no longer boring, save furniture, save your things

Pet teeth biting toys

With this toy, you will never bite your lovely sofa, furniture or shoes again

Intellectual stimulation toys provide a wealth of help to meet the instinctive needs of dogs.

Soft texture, safe for dog gums.

Your naughty and active dog will like it to kill boring time.

This toy can reduce their anxiety, boredom and destructive behavior.

How to use:

Don't worry that the dog won't like the toy

Put the dog's favorite snack into the toy, it can immediately attract the dog's attention

If you want to limit the dog to a certain range, use a rope to hold the toy. Don't worry about the dog running around

Enough length of high-quality braided rope can also make the owner and dog interact perfectly

Or your dog prefers to knot a rope. You can weave a 2-meter rope into a knot for the dog to play with

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