Raising Reaction Force Hand Eye Training Headwear suit Boxing Reflex Ball

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Your video game replacement is finally here! 🎮

Do you want to increase your child's attention?

Do you want to be as fast and flexible as a boxer?



1. We specially designed it to be lighter and softer than tennis, so it has no bushes, everyone can enjoy it without worrying about hitting yourself on the face, eyes, nose and fist, which is a lot safer.

It can help train your reaction, agility, punching speed, combat skills and hand-eye coordination while providing fun workouts.
3. Weightlifting and long exercise bikes are not the only way to exercise! In fact, the Fight Ball may be better and more compelling. The unpredictability of rebounds, combined with the strength of your fists, burns your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, making it ideal for calorie burning and conditioning. Moreover, it is very addictive.
4. You don't have to go to the gym, tie your headband, have fun, burn your body in 15-20 minutes! Ideal for work breaks or school breaks, even beaches and parks, this focused sandbag can burn many calories and help you get fit.

Headband 3 kinds of introduction:

1. LOVE elastic cotton headband (48cm in circumference and 3.8cm in width)

2. Nylon buckle (magic sticker, D buckle, 70cm long and 3.8cm wide)

3. Boxing Silicone Glue Sweat Guide Headband with Ring (Magic Sticking, Ring, 65 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width)

Three kinds of ball introduction (including elastic rope):

1. PU ball (commonly known as light ball, primary ball): environmental PU foam, diameter 6.3 cm, 20g. (Red, black is optional)

2. Rubber ball (commonly known as weighing ball, advanced ball): natural rubber, diameter 6.3 cm, 80g. (only Red)

3. Tennis (commonly known as advanced ball): natural rubber inner gallbladder + chemical fiber needle hair, diameter 6.5 cm, 60g (only yellow)



Training methods:

1. For beginners, please strike downward first. If you find it difficult, please wear boxing gloves.

2. Familiarize yourself with downward strikes and gradually strike parallel to the ground.

3. Use your consciousness and attention fully in the training process. After being skilled, you can take steps, jumps and dodges to train.

4. After the novice is skilled, he can carry out advanced training according to his own ability, including upward hitting and rotating body hitting.

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