Cat Feather Toys Kitten Interactive Toys Outdoor Indoor

  • Size:Body Length:2.83" Width:3.31" Height:0.83" Weight:1.06 oz Material:This toy is made of healthy ABS material which is druable and tough.It is easy to use and can be used for a long time.
  • The product is a multifunctional interactive cat teaser toy that increase the intimacy between the owner and the cat during the interactive playing.You can also use this toy with your feet,allowing multiple cats to experience more fun of playing.
  • The product can be installed on the top of the shoe and the feather on the top of the product can be moved through the irregular swing of the feet and spring,which can attract the cat's attention and allow the cat to bite and chase.It can increase the cat's activity,strenghten the cat's physique,improve the cat's intelligence.
  • In the process of interacting with the owner,it can increase the happiness of the cat,relieve the anxiety of the cat's daily boredom,so that the cat will not have the habit of destroying the family's furniture and the clothes anymore.It can also free the owner's hands,allowing the owner to tease the cat and relax himself.
  • How to install:(You can also check the photo installation guide in the photo gallery) Step 1:After passing the two velcro tapes through the main body,fold the tail of the barbed fiber in half and stick it to the appropriate soft fiber part according to the actual needs. Step 2:Insert the cat's feather into the hard hole plug on the top of the spring and then insert the bottom of the combined spring directly into the hole on the toy body to interact with the cat.

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