Disposable Toilet Brush

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Do you have such troubles?
It always takes a lot of time and effort to wash the stain from time to time on the toilet.
The ordinary handle brush is too short, the dead corner is difficult to clean, and it feels bad to look at the stains that cannot be removed
Disposable toilet brush can help you solve the problem of stain residue
The bow-shaped brush head can be cleaned in all corners, and the brush head has strong
decontamination ability with high-concentration detergent.
The non-woven rainwater is turned into pieces, which are washed away.
Toilet won¡¯t be clopped up, which is clean and convenient
instruction for use
Product parameters
Name: disposable toilet brush
Material: ABS resin, PP polyethylene
Specifications: Dolphin version 4.5*48.5cm Ordinary version: 3.5*48.5cm
Brush head: soluble rayon component surfactant, preservative
Usage: The brush head contains detergent, used to clean the inside of the toilet, and is thrown into the toilet for one-time use.

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