Dog Rope Toys Dogs Supplies Puppy Toy Walking Dogs While Leashing Dog Tie Out Stake Tug of War Pull Rope Molar Ball

  • [Multifunctional Dog Toy Set]This is a doggy outdoor chew toy with dog tie out stake and pull rope ball.It does not need to be used on a smooth ground like a suction cup toy does. This tug of war toy can be used on the outdoor lawn or in the yard while the dog is chained. For the specific instruction, please refer to our video and picture details introduction.
  • [Let the dog walk by himself]Link the elastic pull rope dog toy with the doggy tie out stake, and the dog can interact with this toy. Because the pull rope has great elasticity, the molar ball can roll back and forth under the pulling force of the elastic rope, and the dog will chase and pull the molar ball. Using this product is better than walk the dog.
  • [Molar and Clean Teeth,Strengthen physique, Improve IQ]When the dog fights against the tug of war through the dog tie out and the elastic rope ball, the molar bumps on the surface of the molar ball can clean the dog's teeth thoroughly. It can also fully consume the dog's excess energy, strengthen the physique, develop the dog’s IQ and improve the dog’s intelligence.
  • [Easy to be installed,can be used in various environment]You can freely use this portable dog stake in soft soil such as yards, lawns, gardens, etc. You can manually rotate the stick to complete the installation. For the installation, please refer to our product video.
  • [Durable and Tough New Material]The ground pile is made of fiber-containing ABS material and the serrated molar ball is made of food-grade TPR material produced by Bayer, Germany, which is strong and wear-resistant. It’s more durable than similar products on the market.This toy set is suitable for dogs of 5-100 pounds.

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