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If you travel enough you'll understand that it is always very uncomfortable to fall asleep on trains, buses or airplanes. Why? That's cause the seats don't incline completely and there usually isn't enough leg room, especially if you're travelling in Economy!

First seen on TV in Malaysia, check out this super cool EasySleepWell™ Travel Pillow. 

This EasySleepWell™ Travel Pillow has been designed to provide support for the frequent traveller's neck and back, to allow for a comfortable sleeping posture on any form of transport, be it a moving plane, bus or train.

What other benefits are there from using the EasySleepWell™ Travel Pillow?

  • No more Sore Necks and Painful Backs while travelling: The pillow provides ample support for your head and neck, giving you a comfortable sleeping position, hence preventing back pain.
  • Multiple Sleeping Positions: Use the pillow in various positions to give you the most comfortable experience. You can lean it on a window, your lap, or rest it on the meal table to sleep.
  • Foldable, Portable, Lightweight: Weighing in at less than 500g (1.1lbs), the EasySleepWell™ Travel Pillow is ideal for all travel trips. Simply deflate after using, fold it up and you're good to go!
  • Simple And Durable Usage: Inflates using air in less than a minute! Simply blow into the mouthpiece like you're inflating a balloon, and the double lined stitching will keep the air in the pillow for a long time!
  • Washing Machine Safe And Waterproof lining: Dirtied it on your travels? No problem. Just deflate the pillow, close the air hole tight, and chuck it into your washing machine to wash. Also works for hand washes!

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