Sauna Suit Full Body Shaper


Drop Pounds & Shape your Figure easily with the Sauna Suit Full Body Shaper!

The Neoprene smart technology material is designed to trap heat on every single square inch when in contact with the skin. It's a high performance fabric that is also breathable and comfortable in the same time, fitting any shape it's put on.

Wether you use it while working out or just taking a casual walk in the park, the Sauna Suit Full Body Shaper will join and help you reach your fitness goals faster and smarter!


  • Doubles your exercising results
  • Supports Posture and helps with back pain
  • Increases perspiration to burn fat faster
  • Increases Weight Loss
  • Slims and burns fat with everyday activity
  • Lightweight
  • Good for exercise and workout
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • High quality

We recommend to have a balanced diet and practice some exercise to obtain better results.

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