Inflatable Sofa Lounger


Sick of having nowhere to sit? Want something super convenient, comfy and easy to setup? We feel you!!

This Super sofa lounger makes everywhere a comfortable lounging place! No pump required, simply fill up by dragging through sky - super durable material means it'll never break! Use inside, outside - or even on water! The choice is yours...

When you own an inflatable sofa lounger, you'll always have access to a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Just add air and sit in comfort wherever you are. They are lightweight and easy to take along on trips, excursions or to use in your own backyard. Why sleep on the hard ground camping when you can lie on an inflatable air lounge? It keeps you off the cold ground, and it's waterproof. You don't need a pump to fill them with air. When you're not using the lounge, it's fast and easy to deflate and put in the storage bag.

Most people who haven't tried an inflatable air lounge think of the pool inflatables that are used to float on the water. The sticky plastic isn't very comfortable, but the Inflatable Sofa Loungers are much different. The outer layer is made of a softer cloth-like material that is more resistant to sweating. It's like having a cloth layer in between your skin and the plastic material. Imagine lying on a pillow of air. Inflatable air loungers conform to the shape of your body and help take the strain off your skeleton and muscles.

Take comfort with you wherever you go with the easy setup inflatable sofa lounger. Packed with useful features, this lounger makes it easy to relax in comfort in any location.

Features and Benefits:

  • Head and neck support
    Relax in comfort with the ChillaX lounger with a built-in headrest. Great for giving your neck and shoulders a break while you take it easy.

  • Multiple Uses
    Sleep warmer with a lounger that elevates you off the ground with an insulating layer of air when camping. Pack easily into outdoor concerts, the beach, and your favorite hiking spots because it is lightweight and portable and comes with carrying bag.
  • Easy inflate feature
    Inflates without a pump for fast and easy setup and deflates quickly for convenient storage. Three stitched pockets offer areas for storing a drink a book and a phone. Securing stake and anchor loop prevents the lounger from sliding.
  • Measures 200 x 70cm
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 200kg

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