Inflatable RC Air Swimmer Remote Control Flying Shark Clownfish


Limited edition Remote Control Air Swimmers Shark swim through the air with incredibly smooth and real-life swimming motion. These amazing fish provide hours indoor fun in even in the smallest of rooms. The flying RC shark and clownfish will also make a great office prank too.


  • Moves up, down, full 360 degrees up to 40 feet away. Sways left to right with fish tail movement and sure to amaze everyone.
  • Made from a durable nylon and simply bounces off of walls and other items it bumps into. 
  • Fill up with helium that can be re-inflated over and over. Balloons stay inflated for up to two weeks. Requires 4 AAA batteries to operate.
  • Measures 57 inches long and 36 inches tall.
  • Great fun for the office, family get togethers, kids indoor parties.
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