Interactive Pet Slow Feeders Snack Distribution Toy with Powerful Suction Cup Interactive Kitten Toys

  • 【AVAILABLE IN THREE COLORS:】This is a multi-functional cat toy with functions such as food leakage and rotation. Green, blue and yellow are bright colors that can attract cats†attention.
  • 【ROTATING WHEEL DESIGN:】The new and original wheel-shaped design allows cat to rotate the wheel vertically in 360 by a light push when playing,which brings more fun to cat.
  • VERSATILITY: 】This windmill wheel toy can also be used as a cats food leakage tool. The cat gently rotates the wheel, and the leakage hole will drop the cat snacks to attract the cats fun to play. The cat is full and plays well. .
  • 【TRAINING FUNCTION: 】The cat keeps running and jumping while playing, which will increase the bodys movement frequency and intelligence, and can also slow down the cats eating speed and effectively protect the cats dietary health.
  • 【MATERIAL:】The toy is made of environmentally friendly ABS and TPR, strong and durable, and will not be easily damaged by cats.

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