LED Light Fill-in Light Folding Mirror

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Are you still putting on make-up in dark? How to do skincare without knowing skin condition? How to do make-up without knowing the cosmetics condition?

You need a LED light makeup mirror, high definition, quasi-color
A light-filled make-up mirror that rejects the dark environment, without leaving the house, you will have a cyber celebrity dressing room at home.

Model color test comparison


Stepless dimming, free adjustment
Long press to adjust brightness
Dim: suitable for evening skin care
Normal: suitable for morning makeup
Highlight: detail skin care makeup
Similar to daylight, HD color does not hurt eyes
Make-up light in the dressing room, brightness and color similar to daylight, no eye injury, no skin damage, bright and durable
Chargeable, no electricity limitation, 1 full charge, 30min per day

Product details

Hand polished, high-definition mirror, realistically present every inch of your skin
Tray storage: coexistence of beauty and practicality
156mm mirror for easy storage. Place the desktop, the mirror size is just right
The shaft is durable through mechanical fatigue testing, we are not just providing lip service
The tray is detachable, travelable and easy to carry

Product parameters

Name: LED light makeup mirror
Color: pink, white
Rated power: 5W
USB input: 5V-1A
Main materials: plastic, glass, metal, etc.
Battery capacity: 1200MMA

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