Pet Products, New cat self Hi, Collar Neck, Spring Feather Toy, Foot tap Teaser

This product is a headwear toy for cats to play with. The product is fixed on the cat's head or neck by elastic Velcro. The cat can make the feather on the top of the product swing irregularly through the high elastic spring during the activity to attract the cat's attention< br > through the cat's head / neck activities, it can drive the high elastic spring to swing irregularly, so that the top feather of the product can move to attract the cat's attention, so that the cat can carry out activities such as biting and catching up with the feather, increase the cat's activity, enhance the cat's physique and improve the cat's intelligence< br > this product can be installed on the top of shoes, and it is also an interactive cat Teaser bar between main pets. In the process of interaction with the owner, the intimacy between the owner and the cat can be increased, and the hands of the owner can be liberated, so that the owner can tease the cat and have leisure< br > [use step 1]: after passing the elastic Velcro through the corresponding hole on the main body, fold the tail with barbed fiber in half and paste it to the appropriate part of fine soft fiber according to the actual needs< br > [use step 2]: insert the bottom of the high elastic spring with cat feather directly into the card hole on the toy body to interact with the cat directly< br > this toy is made of environmental friendly and healthy ABS, which is durable and will not be damaged by cats. It is easy to use and can be used for a long time. As this product will strongly attract cats to play, it is recommended to play for 20-30 minutes each time. Playing for a long time will greatly overdraft cats' physical strength The toy can also be used by multiple cats together, so that cats can experience different fun. In the process of playing with this toy, it will increase the cat's happiness, relieve the cat's anxiety of daily boredom, and make the cat not have the habit of damaging the family furniture and cloth

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