Portable Lonic Hair Brush


Never have a bad hair day again!

Make your hair straight and soft in a matter of seconds without damaging your hair.

The Smart Brush is ...

  • Comfortable: don't risk burning and damaging your hair with a traditional hair straightener.
  • Instant and a pain-free way: to maintain all Flawless Hair (yes, even afro hair).
  • Quick and Convenient: for easy styling when you are in a rush.

It doesn't matter what your hair type is, the Smart Brush will get rid of frizz, smoothen split ends and untangle your hair in a matter of seconds! Join thousands of others and find out how it's taken their hair game to the next level!

Instantly and painlessly brush away frizz and static hair. The Smart Brush goes to the root cause of messy hair, the unbalance between positive and negative ions in the hair and emits negative ions into your hair giving them back instantly the shine and smoothness they deserve. 

Combining negative ions and advanced brush materials, the Smart Brush will heavily reduce greasy hair and will make it shine like never before!
The negative ions are also a powerful split ends smoother since it will make the ends of the hair stay closer giving them a sharper look and feeling - Say goodbye to split ends forever!


  • Step 1: Hold the button for 3 seconds until you see a green light (negative ions release)
  • Step 2: Press the button again until you see a blue light to activate the massage function (you do not have to activate the massage function)
  • Step 3: Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn it off

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