Pull rope training ball dog toothbrush

✔Upgrade Dog Pull Rope Toys: dog toothbrush chewing toys are made of upgraded TPR food grade rubber, with the characteristics of anti bite, environmental protection, safe and harmless, easy to clean and so on. The strong rope is made of durable and wear-resistant high-density material, which is indestructible.
✔Molars Ball Function Upgrade Design: large ball design, ball wall thickening, more resistant to dog bite; a variety of molars convex design, more fully protect the dog's oral health; increased the leakage function, can put snacks in the snack slot, as a leakage toy for pet dogs to use, mobilize the pet's foraging enthusiasm,dog puzzle toys improve pet intelligence
✔Keep Your Dog's Mouth Healthy And Fresh: a variety of molars bumps are designed. Different sizes of molars bumps are arranged on the surface of the molars ball horizontally, vertically and 360 ° as a whole. They are conical, triangular and serrated. While the pet dog bites toys, they can deeply clean the stones and dirt of the pet dog's incisors, molars and sharp teeth, and fully protect the dog's oral health
✔Reduce Pet's Bad Behavior: when you go to work or on business, do you worry that your pet will be anxious because no one will accompany you? Don't worry, when the owner is not at home, the dog can have a good time. dog teething toys can help the pet to eliminate anxiety, enhance the enthusiasm of the dog, make the relationship between you and the dog closer, improve the intelligence of the pet, and release its emotions

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