Side Window Wiper

$29.95 $60

Have you ever regretted rolling down your window after a car wash because your window was then covered with streaks and watermarks?

Side window wiper gives you maximum visibility through your side windows without having to leave your vehicle to clean the windows.

It keeps a vehicle's side windows clean and dry.


  • No hassle&easy to attach wiper: Designed to keep your side window view clear every time you roll up your window.
  • Dirt,streak&watermark free: Side window wiper that clears up wet windows by simply rolling the window down.
  • Easy to attach: Effortlessly install, give your vehicle a factory-like finish and professional results with a fraction the time and money.

Weatherstrip cross section:

  • Flap: Hides the wiper's unique design. Gives the side window wiper its off the assembly line look when attached to the vehicle.
  • Weatherproof adhesive strip: Eliminates the need for tools, just peel off the adhesive liner and attach the window wiper to vehicles window weatherstrip.
  • Wiper blade: rubber wiper is made from a scratch and smudges free material.
  • Bumper: Specially designed to rest on the vehicles weatherstrip, keeping the wiper leveled.
  • Wiper blade hinge: This flexible section allows the vehicle's window to be cleaned when putting your window up and down.


    • 2pcs - 28inch
    • Material: Rubber weatherstrip.

      How to use:

      • Step 1: Roll down window and place window wiper along the window, marking the desired length, then cut.

      • Step 2: Insert rubber wiper between outside portion of your weatherstrip, not into window slot.

      • Step 3: Pull off adhesive liner and apply pressure to lock wiper into position.

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