Sliding Gliding Squeaky Dog Toys Puppy Toy Dogs Supplies Food Dispenser

  • [Squeaky Toy in Many Ways] This is a multifunctional dog chew squeaky frisbee food dispensing toy. When the toy is pressed by the dog’s paw, it can make a whistle sound and it can also leak food. The sound and food both attract the dog’s interest in playing. It is also can be used as a dog molar toy, a dog frisbee toy, a dog food dispensing toy and a dog puzzle toy.
  • [Squeaky Toy to Attract Dogs’ Attention] When the dog’s paw or nose presses the upper part of the toy, it can make a whistle sound, which attracts the dog’s interest and allows the dog to play with the toy happily, especially in the growth period, the dog needs to molar teeth to promote healthy growth of teeth.
  • [With Food Dispensing Design] The bottom of the toy can be unscrewed and you can put in various sizes of dog food or snacks. There is a leakage hole at the bottom. The dog can get the leaked snack as rewards while playing, which not only makes the dog eats slowly, but also improves the dog’s IQ.
  • [Safe Sliding Toy for Indoor Play] Pets can play with the toy indoors by pushing, and toys can slide quickly. This is a safe indoor dog toy and is suitable for all kinds of medium and large pet dogs.
  • [Super Bite-resistant New Material]This product is made of durable TPR material, produced by Bayer, Germany.It turns out that this toy can resist the long-term bite of pet dogs and is more bite-resistant than similar rubber products after the long-term test.

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