Fridge Mate Snap-On Storage


Create and maximize shelf space with Fridge Mate Snap-On Storage design's adjustable instant drawers.

A multi-fit storage basket that can be used in all types of refrigerators in order to store foodstuff just below a given shelf. The basket is fitted with two tracks and a spring that help in sliding and attaching the basket below any particular shelf. It can also be used inside a freezer compartment to save on space, and is fitted with a gliding mechanism to remove and slide it back into place.

Ideal for organizing your refrigerator, kitchen pantry, closet and garage. Easy to install and no tools required. Fits most shelves using adjustable rails and hooks.


Extra Storage Space
No matter how big our refrigerators are, with the ever-increasing sizes of joint families, social circles and a tendency to prefer house gatherings to corporate social gatherings, this device can prove vital. It can buy you that much needed extra space within your refrigerator that you have always wanted to see, without having to buy an even bigger fridge than the one you already have. You will be surprised how much space this little storage device can create for you within whatever size refrigerator you own. All the space that is lost just below your shelves can now be utilized.

The beauty of purchasing one of these storage baskets is that they are not limited to being used merely within a fridge, although that is its primary purpose. They can also be put to use within one¡¯s cupboards as simply storage baskets or on one¡¯s dining table as a fruit basket. Use them even on your workstation to store stationary and other frequently used items that you don't want to lie scattered all over the place.

Ease of Operation
Keeping in mind utter convenience, the makers of this device made sure that the design included ‘easy-useââ‚?technology. This allows the basket to be simply slid out and slid back into place without the need to push any kind of button. You don't even need to struggle with any kind of locking mechanism to keep the device in place.

Prolonged Life of Food
Due to the fact that you are able to store different kinds of foodstuff separately, you should be able to visibly see that your food, particularly fresh vegetables and fruit, last much longer than before.

Easy Categorization
Having separate storage baskets for your different food items certainly helps easy categorization.

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