Vacuum Fresh Air Pumping Compression Bag

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Vacuum storage bag, suitable for multiple settings, avoid tainting, for fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, meat, food, etc.
Safe seal, extended quality, full-scale preservation experience
Food PA+PE composite material, safe and non-toxic, double seal to prevent air leakage, reusable
Easy to operate, the suction tool is aligned with the suction port, and the air pump is pulled back and forth to suck the air out.
After pumping a good gas, use your fingers to smooth the suction port to avoid air leakage.
Vacuum storage bag can be frozen and refrigerated, with low temperature resistance of -20 degrees
Cat food and dog food are also applicable, no longer have to worry about damp and moldy of cat food and dog food
Vacuum storage bag thickness 0.18mm, tough and durable, not easily deformed and damaged
Product information
Material: Bag: PA+PE Air pump: ABS
Name: Vacuum storage bag
Color: transparent
Temperature resistance: -20 degrees -100 degrees
Specifications: Small 21*23cm Medium 23*28cm Large 28*30cm
Vacuum preservation time: normal temperature: preservation time extended by about 3 times longer
Refrigeration: duration of preservation is about 5 times longer
Freezing: shelf life extended by about 10 times
Types of fresh-keeping (for reference only): fresh raw meat, fresh raw fish, cooked meat, ham, bread, biscuits, fruits, etc.

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