Breathing Mask Bikers Anti Pollution Running & Bike Mask

  • TWO DOUBLE EXHALATION VALVES allow unwanted heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor out ensuring comfort as well as function. Our Mask has a contoured design ensuring it ealscomfortably.
  • ACTIVE SPORTS: It focuses on the rban trainer the ome runneror the multi-sport end user, for whom breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter.
  • DEVELOPED for extreme atmospheric conditions, whether they be from freezing temperatures well below zero degrees or high chill factors, as found in snow sports. Equally, combination conditions such as rain, freezing temperatures and high pollution levels commonly found in urban city environments.
  • GREAT FOR THE CITY: Our Mask offers screening from the inhalation of nuisance dusts and odors associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. The filter used in the mask, has been specifically developed for filtering a wide variety of nuisance dusts and odors commonly found in major cities.
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: The filter combines sub-micron particulate pollutant removal, with a carbon layer for filtering gases and vapors. This combination provides increased performance covering a broader spectrum of pollutants commonly found in urban environments.

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